Service duties: Reference from Vietnam and Implications From Abroad

Thursday - 05/11/2020 05:11
That was the theme of the International Conference hosted by Hanoi University of Home Affairs and the French Embassy in Vietnam on the afternoon of October 27, 2020 at the Hanoi University of Home Affairs, No. 36 Xuan La, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam.The conference was presided over by Assoc. Prof. PhD. Nguyen Ba Chien, the Rector and PhD. Nguyen Thu An, Dean of Faculty of Administrative Law belonged to Hanoi University of Home Affairs.
Assoc. Prof. PhD. Nguyen Ba Chien - the Rector was making opening remarks
Attending the conference were Mr. Béla Hégédus, Cooperation Attaché, Head of Justice and Law Administration Division, French Embassy in Vietnam along with experts from the French Republics; Mr. Wu Wei Neng, Executive Director of the Chandler Institute of Governance based in Singapore; PhD. Hoang Thi Ngan,  Director of Department of State Administrative Organization and Public Affairs, Government Office; Prof. PhD. Nguyen Dang Dung, Faculty of Law, Ha Noi National University; Prof. PhD. Phan Trung Ly - Former Chairman of the Law Committee of the National Assembly; Prof. Sc.D Dao Tri Uc - Chairman of the Council of Professor titles in Jurisprudence, Member of the Council of State Professor Titles, lecturer of Faculty of Law, Hanoi National University; Prof. PhD. Hoang Thi Kim Que - lecturer of the Faculty of Law, Hanoi National University; PhD. Nguyen Dinh Quyen - Former Vice Chairman of the Judicial Committee of the National Assembly; PhD. Nguyen Thi Kim Thoa - Former Director of Department of Criminal and Administrative Legislation; PhD. Nguyen Sy Dung - Former Vice Chairman of the National Assembly Office; and some representatives who are the heads of certain relevant Departments and Units attached to the Ministry of Home Affairs  such as Department of Public Officials and Employees, Department of Legal Affairs and Department of International Cooperation.
On the side of Hanoi University of Home Affairs were PhD. Le Thanh Huyen, Vice Rector, PhD. Ha Quang Ngoc, former Vice Rector and representatives who were the heads of the university-affiliated units, the lecturers and postgraduates from the faculties of Administrative and Constitutional Law, Public Management and Public Policy.
The conference attracted a large number of domestic and foreign experts, managers and scientists’ attentions
Speaking at the conference, the Rector Chien said, “Improving the quality of the contingent of civil servants has always been identified as a central task of the state administrative reforms, contributing to the effective implementation of the country's socio-economic development goals in the integration period. Upholding public duties by cadres and civil servants in the performance of public service is among decisive solutions to improve the quality of the contingent of civil servants with the aim of  developing a professional, responsible, dynamic, transparent, effective public service’.
‘Accurate identification of the core values ​​and roles of public duties in the control of interest conflicts and anti-corruption, completing criteria for assessment of public duties, strengthening institutional capacity in order to control public duties and implement measures to promote civil servants’ public duties is solutions that need further studying and implementing in Vietnam.’ affirmed he.
Experts, scientists and managers exchanged and discussed around theoretical and practical issues of legal regulations on public duties as well as mechanisms to ensure them with the references from Vietnam and implications from abroad. The main topics interested and discussed in the conference were identifying the core values of public duties; researching them in the interrelationship between political and legal responsibilities and public ethics; Public duties prior to the demands of state administrative reforms in Vietnam; the roles of public duties in controlling conflicts of interest and preventing corruption; Identifying and completing criteria for public duty assessments; Practical regulations of laws of Vietnam and some countries in the world on the control of public duties; Solutions to the guarantee and promotion of public duties.
Experts were exchanging their opinions at the conference
Mr. Béla Hégédus said that to build an integrity and transparent public service, authorities must pay attention to the concerns of society, the trend of digitizing public services...
According to Mr. Uc, two important issues in public duties should be stressed were "Liability" and "Moral responsibility" including such contents as self-assessment, defining your own responsibilities and community's comments; Educating and improving self-awareness in front of colleagues and superiors...Specially, the self-awareness. Besides, he also mentioned some issues that need doing like Principles in public duties, Ensuring ethical responsibilities, Examining, evaluating and supervising the performance of public ethics,...
Mrs. Ngan asserted that promoting public services requires ‘public duties’, which means such matters as recruiting good civil servants and then using them effectively, evaluating them properly and then managing them well… should be highlighted. In addition, she discussed legalities in public affairs including civil servant assessments.
Discussions at the conference were focused on pointing out shortcomings and solutions to improve current public duties. Mr. Wu Wei Neng shared his opinions on the management, rules and culture in the development of a sense of public duties within the Government of Singapore; Ms. Julia Di Ciccion - Head of the Division of Public Service, Law Dissemination and Social Dialogues, General Department of Public Administration and Public Affairs, Ministry of Reform and Public Administration, French Republic and PhD. Dinh Van Minh - Director of Legal Department, Vietnamese Government Inspector exchanged their points of view on supervising the performance of public duties in state administrative agencies. The participants focused on discussing many related contents, in which the emphasis was on the theoretical issues and practical regulations on public duties; mechanism to ensure public duties; Referring to international experiences in the performance of public duties (from theory, legal regulations to practice) and then draw lessons learned that can be applied to Vietnam in the current administrative reforms.
Leaders of Hanoi University of Home Affairs and Ambassador of the Embassy of France in Vietnam were exchanging souvenirs at the Conference.
In addition, this International Conference has contributed to strengthening more research and teaching capacities for lecturers, undergraduates and postgraduate from the Faculties of Administrative Law, Administrative sciences and Politics sciences; supporting the modules on civil service and civil servants, Administrative laws used in Laws, State Management, Public Policy undergraduate programs, and postgraduate programs on Administrative and Constitutional Law, Public Management and Public policies; Expanding international integration and promoting the brand of the university.
The conference has attracted the attention of many experts, scientists, researchers, managers, lecturers, domestic and foreign cadres and civil servants with a large number of articles containing many different academic values and views, and scientific approaches to public duties.
Souvenir photos taken at the International Conference
At the end of the conference, the Rector Nguyen Ba Chien expressed his sincere thanks to the French Embassy in Vietnam, Chandler Institute of Management, Scientists, the participants for their corporations and supports so that the International Scientific Conference ended successfully. The articles, speeches, opinions by the scientists and participants made a crucial contribution to accurately identifying the core values and roles ​​of public duties and public services in controlling interest conflicts, preventing and combating corruptions; completing criteria for public duties assessment; strengthening the institutional capacity for controlling public duties and taking measures to promote the public duties by officials and civil servants.
Hanoi University of Home Affairs respectfully acknowledges the enthusiastic contributions and participation of the French Embassy, ​​the Chandler Institute of Governance, scientists, foreign experts and participants in the hope that it will continue receiving their supports and cooperation for the sake of its development.

Author: Translate: Ta Thi Kim Ngon

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