Hanoi University of Home Affairs will open one more major in its training as being the English Language

Friday - 09/07/2021 06:19
In 2021, Ha Noi University of Home Affairs plans to increase its enrollment quotas in its training for the English language with 2 specialities as English for Tourism and English for translation and interpretation
It can be seen that, since Vietnam entered the process of international integration, it has made many great achievements. In that process, it is of important significance to give graduates better access to jobs suitable to their capabilities and fortes. Foreign languages, especially English, have become popular. Faced with the practical needs of the country, many educational and training institutions have paid attention to it. Hanoi University of Home Affairs opens one more major as being the English language to meet the increasing needs of learners and society. Students will have flexible access to communication with foreigners in English, thus making a significant contribution to helping enable Vietnam’s far-reaching integration with international friends.
The English curriculum taught by Hanoi University of Internal Affairs provides learners not only with background knowledge of the language, culture, history, etc. of GB and other English-speaking countries but also knowledge of translation - interpretation, tourism, hotel and restaurant, English-teaching methods, office administration... to meet the requirements of the economy on the way to international integration. Studying English in here, learners can participate in various activities by experiencing foreign cultures and approaching modern teaching methodologies, and developing all the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills with the minimum output standard of level 5 out of the 6-level Foreign Language Competency Framework for Vietnam. Furthermore, students can also be equipped with soft skills such as presentation skills, work organization skills, teamwork skills; information exploration and processing skills; critical thinking skills, communicative skills... to work effectively where English is used. When studying English, learners can choose majors that match their abilities and interests such as: English for tourism, Translation - Interpretation.
On the Admission Counseling Day, April 4, 2021 at Hanoi University of Science and Technology, many young people were interested in the new major - the English language to be taught at Hanoi University of Home Affairs.
As a major,  English for Tourism equips learners with basic knowledge of the English language and specialist knowledge concerning tourism such as tourist destinations, professional tour guide, professional travel business, consulting and selling tourism products, designing and operating tourism programs, skills in tourism, international payment in tourism, professional leadership of tour groups... After completing the English curriculum or the  English for tourism course, they can do the following jobs: Tour guides for foreigners and Vietnam; Consulting and selling tourism products to foreigners and Vietnam; Hotel reception…
Consulting students about job opportunities after graduation
Specialization in Translation - Interpretation: Equipping learners with basic knowledge of the English language such as style, phonetics, syntax, semantics, comparative analysis, cultures of English-speaking countries and specialized skills concerning the Theory of Translation, Methods of Translation - Interpretation, Technology in Translation - Interpretation, Methods of Analysis and Evaluation of Translations, and Translation Techniques. With such background and professional knowledge, after completing the English curriculum and the translation and interpretation course, students are able to work in the following positions: Translators, interpreters in diplomatic agencies, press agencies, media agencies, non-governmental organizations, economic organizations, joint venture companies, foreign enterprises; Communication in foreign companies such as event organizer, PR staff, assistant/secretary to foreign leaders.
The English Language is a major suitable for young people who are dynamic and interested in exchanging and learning with an extroverted mindset. It is also useful for people to like to explore, especially look forward to studying about the cultures of English-speaking countries. This is the dream major of many young people when they "learn one major but can do many jobs".

Author: translater: Kim Ngon

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