Minister Le Vinh Tan had a working day at Hanoi University of Home Affairs

Friday - 07/02/2020 01:31

Minister Le Vinh Tan had a working day at Hanoi University of Home Affairs

In the afternoon of February 7th, 2020, Hanoi University of Home Affairs (HUHA) was honored to welcome Mr. Le Vinh Tan, Member of the Party Central Executive Committee, Secretary of the Party Committee, Minister of Home Affairs, who visited and worked with the leaders of HUHA
Attending the meeting was Mr. Trieu Van Cuong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs;  Mr Nguyen Huu Tuan, Director of Personnel Department;  Mr. Nguyen Manh Khuong, Chief Inspector;  Mr. Vu Dang Minh, Chief of the Office;  Mr Lai Duc Vuong, Director of Department of Training and Retraining of cadres and civil servants  Mr. Tran Luu Trung, Former Director of Department of International Cooperation;  Mr Nguyen Van Luong, Former Director of Department of Organization - Staffing;  Mr. Nguyen Bich Thuy, Deputy Director of Planning - Finance Department;  Ms. Truong Thi Lien, Deputy Director of Personnel Department;  Mr. Nguyen Tien Dao, Deputy Secretary of the Standing Party Committee of the Ministry; Ms Nguyen Thi Ha, Permanent Vice Chairman of Trade Union of Ministry;  Mr Nguyen Tuan Ninh, Deputy Chief of Official Department of  party Officials’ committee of ministry of Home Affairs
On the side of Hanoi University of Home Affairs, Assoc. Dr Nguyen Ba Chien, Secretary of the Party Committee, Rector of HUHA;  Assoc. Dr Tran Đinh Thao, President of HUHA Academic Council;  Vice Presidents of HUHA, Assoc. Dr Nguyen Minh Phuong;  Dr. Le Thanh Huyen;  Assoc. Dr Nguyen Quoc Suu;  Members of HUHA Academic Council, Assoc. Dr Van Tat Thu, former Deputy Minister of Home Affairs; Assoc. Dr Nguyen Minh Man, former Director of Department of Administration and Public Affairs of Government Office;  Assoc. Dr Pham Hong Thai, former Dean of the Law Faculty of Hanoi National University; MA.  Nguyen Thanh Viet, Chairman of Intracom Group;  MA.  Pham Hung Thang, Deputy Director of Department of Personnel of Ministry of Home Affairs; Dr. Ha Quang Ngoc, Senior Lecturer, Former Vice Rector of HUHA and teachers, head of administrative and academic units and departments of HUHA;  The members of the Executive Committee of the Party Committee, President of Union, Secretary of Youth Union, Office of the Party Committee of HUHA attended the meeting.
Mr. Nguyen Ba Chien, Secretary of the Party Committee and Rector of HUHA, on behalf of HUHA Directorate, reported to the Minister and the Delegation on the results and accomplishments of HUHA in the school year of 2019. He also set out in his speech the directions, tasks, and recommendations for the upcoming period.  In the report the activities of the University were highlighted, which affirms that Hanoi University of Home Affairs is a public higher education institution of the national education system of the Ministry of Home Affairs.  HUHA has a history of 49 years of construction, development and through the stages from professional school to college and from 2011 to now is the university. Prompted by the needs and demands of Home Affairs Sector, Public Service and of the society as a whole on the high quality human resources in order to serve the cause of country industrialization and modernization,HUHA had been constantly strive to develop its human resources, promote HUHA further in the national and international regards.
Based on the functions and duties, HUHA always receives the attention of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the functional departments of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Up to now, HUHA had reduced from 27 to 23 units, with each unit being strengthened  the organizational structure with decisions on functions, duties and powers of each unit.... The training of university and postgraduate are always focused on improving the quality.

Regarding the postgraduate training, HUHA implements the training function of the high quality human resources for Ministry of Home Affairs and Home Affairs Sector. Currently, HUHA is organizing training courses for masters in the fields of Archiveology, Public Administration, Public Policy, Constitutional Law and Administrative Law with 168 post graduate students.

Regarding university training, HUHA has been training 11 university-level majors, with which there are many majors directly serve the human resources needs of the Home Affairs Sector such as Human Resource Management, Office Administration, Archiveology, State Administration, Party and Government Building, Law as well as majors that meet the human resources needs of civil service and society such as Cultural Management, Culture, Systems of Information , Information of Library, Politics.

Regarding the graduation of university-level students in 2019, there are 1,408 graduated students, the graduation rate in the first stage is 82% and tends to increase over the years.  In particular, the proportion of graduated students having found jobs after 01 year, is relatively high (93.3%).

HUHA promised to continue innovating its goals, developing advanced teaching and learning programs, and updating the contents of scientific materials on university education management so as to be able to produce high quality human resources for the demand on human resources of the civil service and society.

Regarding scientific research, HUHA developed a plan to organize scientific and technological activities, focusing on  the contents such as promoting and enhancing research capacity of officials and lecturers;  adjusting mechanisms of policies;  regularly evaluating and inspecting scientific and technological activities and actively participating in selecting and presiding over tasks of scientific and technological programs at all levels.  HUHA conducted to check and take over 16 school-level scientific research projects;  coordinated with the Institute of State scientific Organization(Ministry of Home Affairs) to officially accept 07 ministerial-level scientific research projects;  held to consider and recognize 05 initiatives.

In addition to the achievements in scientific research activities of staffs and lecturers, HUHA also focuses on encouraging scientific research activities of students.  In 2019, HUHA recognized 114 scientific research topics of students, in which there was 01 topic winning the third prize and 01 consolation prize in the 2019 National Science Research Student Award. 13 Scientific Research Conferences of students were held.
HUHA also stepped up compiling textbooks and lectures, in which 11 textbooks and lectures were accepted.  Other scientific activities were also held regularly and continuously such as 01 international seminar;  03 University-level workshops;  16 conferences;  05 seminars, 06 talks and 06 issues were published.

Regarding international cooperation, in 2019, HUHA gave the foreign delegations a warm welcome, effectively supported the training and scientific research activities;  at the same time also developed the public services with foreign elements.
Regarding the work of party and unions, HUHA always grasps the great orientations of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Education and Training, effectively carries out political and ideological tasks, the Party's undertakings and lines, the State's laws and policies for every public servant, officer, employee and academy,  student.
Besides, the work of quality assurance, works of students, youth union activities, scientific research, international cooperation ... are always interested in developing by HUHA and also obtained the high results during operating process of HUHA.
Evaluating the achieved results in 2019, Mr Nguyen Ba Chien emphasized: "To achieve high results in the past year, it is based on the Party's guidelines and State regulations to vigorously renovate public non-business units, promote the implementation of the autonomy mechanism; and with the careful attention and direction of the Party Personnel Committee, the Party Committee of the Ministry of Home Affairs, leaders of the Ministry of Home Affairs as well as the functional Departments under the Ministry of Home Affairs, HUHA well performed its tasks. HUHA directorate, the Party Committee of the University always care, urge, closely direct and evaluate the working progress of the units of HUHA. Besides, along with the traditional construction and development, HUHA has maintained and  developed since its establishment in 1971. Besides, it has also attracted the high quality scientists and lecturers in the field of Home Affairs Sector…
HUHA also gave directions and tasks for the year 2020 and the period 2020-2025 in many aspects, including politics, thought, direction, administration, training, research, scientific and technological activities, personnel organization, inspection, education quality assurance, public services, etc. Also at the meeting, Rector Nguyen Ba Chien made 8 recommendations regarding the activities of HUHA in a new situation, moving towards university autonomy with the Minister and members of the delegation.

Also at the meeting, the leaders of the functional departments voiced their opinions, making  recommendations to the Minister. The Directors of the Campus in Quang Nam and Ho Chi Minh City want to be more concerned by the leaders of Ministry and have guidelines and orientations to create conditions for HUHA in general and the branches in particular to attract quality resources, enrollment and exceeding targets,  financial mechanisms, personnel ... towards partial autonomy.

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Minister Trieu Van Cuong suggested that in the incoming time, it is necessary to revise Decision No. 468 / QD-BNV of April 3, 2018 of the Minister of Home Affairs about the functions, tasks and powers and the organizational structure of the Hanoi University of Home Affair to ensure compliance with the current Higher Education Law. With regards to decentralization, the Deputy Minister stated that it is necessary to clearly define each non-business unit with its functions and tasks, ensuring its objectivity.

Making the final speech, Minister Le Vinh Tan highly appreciated the achievement of HUHA in 2019 and acknowledged the efforts, and the achieved results in the past 10 years of Hanoi University of Home Affairs, which is the premise for the University to spearhead its development towards 2025 and vision to 2035. With a long history of nearly 50 years of establishment and development, it is an important factor for the university to development field and create a firm premise for the future.  In addition, the Minister also pointed out a number of issues that need attention, namely to keep solidarity, focusing on building a high quality teaching staffs, constantly improving international cooperation to learn experience, image promotion, etc. The university always determines how to further enhance the reputation, quality, team, etc. to strengthen the reputation and vision of the school in the future.  Mr. Le Vinh Tan also emphasized that the proposals that the school and its members present today need to be grasped by the specialized departments and given directions to remove them as soon as possible.  Best for the school to develop on the basis of compliance with the provisions of law./.

Author: Huy Thuy - Kim Ngon - Bui Lan Anh

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