Online training workshop on Motive project entitled " Usage of survey data on graduates in support of reforming administration and improving the quality of higher education"

Friday - 02/07/2021 09:34
From 22 to 25 June 2021, the Directorate of the Project entitled “MONITORING TRENDS IN VIETNAMESE EMPLOYMENT'' convened the Online Training Workshop on USAGES OF SURVEY DATA ON GRADUATES IN SUPPORT OF REFORMING ADMINISTRATION AND IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF HIGHER EDUCATION”. The workshop was organized by the Vietnam National University of Agriculture with the participation of representatives from the Ministry of Education and Training, the member universities under the project and businesses. Due to the complicated development of the Covid-19 pandemic, the workshop was held online.
The project staff from the university at the online workshop
Present at the workshop on the side of the University of Home Affairs were Associate Professor. Dr. Nguyen Ba Chien, Secretary of the University's Party Committee and Rector and the leaders of the Division of International Cooperation and some other units under the University, the project staff and the participants from Quang Nam Province and Ho Chi Minh City subordinate.
 Speaking in the opening session of the workshop, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ba Chien believed that through the connections and experiences shared by the member universities, we would achieve the overall goal set by the Project by evaluating exactly the possibilities of student employment after their graduation on which basis to advance recommendations with a view to changing or renewing policies, improving the quality of higher education and training and boosting effective cooperation between universities and businesses to meet social needs. The next meeting within the framework of the project is planned to be held in September 2021 in Quang Nam-Da Nang. As a host, the University of Home Affairs is making active preparations for the meeting of the participating members. The University is looking forward to the closer coordination and cooperation of its partners and project staff to obtain the best possible results.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ba Chien speaks at the workshop
Through the 4-day workshop with 6 discussions during which various contributive comments and ideas were raised and shared, the participants agreed to readjust and modify the “Questionnaire for Graduates” to suit the existing conditions that graduates are facing while sharing experiences in what should be done to “improve the competence of the teaching staff and to help change the existing policies” and “how to use survey data on graduates in support of renewing administration and improving the quality of higher education and training”. In addition, the participants also discussed the “mechanisms and approaches to quality assurance and government administration over universities and colleges in Vietnam.” In the meantime, they were active in discussing and achieving a high consensus of the content and roadmap to develop a project handbook and experiences in project information and communication.”
20 representatives from Vietnamese businesses and other participants traded ideas about the possibilities of connections between businesses and graduates. The advantage of the platform under the project is that all information about students/graduates confirmed by the universities is exact and reliable. However, the forms of students’CV on display are not yet interesting, attractive and rational.
Within the framework of the workshop, the Project Directorate decided to launch a writing contest for students in the universities under the MOTIVE Project named “Graduates and the Labour Market.” All students in undergraduate and post-graduate education can send the Contest-Organizing Committee their entries on such topics as the Educational and Socio-Economic Systems of Vietnam; Quality of Higher Education in Vietnam; Higher Education Manpower: Structure of the Labour Market: Advantages and Challenges; Higher Education in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The deadline for entries reaching the Contest-Organizing Committee will be no later than 31 November 2021. The top contestant (the winner) will be financially supported by the project to attend and present his or her entry at the project summative evaluation workshop to be held in Bologna, Italy in Mid 2022 (as planned).
In the discussion organized on the afternoon of 25 June 2021, the Organizing Committee also shared ideas about the work to be done, reunifying the ways of guiding graduates to develop their personal files (CV) to seek a job as well as about possible solutions to connect graduates to ensure the sustainability of the project. Some new contents are expected to be exchanged at the next workshop scheduled for Quang Nam Subordinate under the University of Home Affairs.
The Training Workshop within the framework of the MOTIVE Project funded by the EU Eramus+ was hosted by Almalaurea under the umbrella of Bologna, Italy. This is a transnational project based on multilateral partnerships between educational institutions in Europe and universities in the world. In Vietnam, the project involves the MOET, the Hanoi Association of Medium and Small Enterprises, 9 such universities as Hanoi University of Home Affairs, Hanoi University, Vietnam National University of Agriculture, Academy of Journalism and Communication, Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, Ha Long University, Thai Nguyen University, National University of Arts Education, Hanoi Tourism College. Attending this workshop were 3 such new members as Tay Bac University, Phu Xuan University and Ha Tay Community College. Besides, Ho Chi Minh City Open University as a venture partner and Nguyen Tat Thanh University as a guest also attended the workshop. On the international side were some European partners such as AlmaLaurea Association of Universities (Italy), Seville University and National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA), Spain. The MOTIVE Project is aimed at establishing a basis to connect data on employment needs of graduates and universities and employers so as to upgrade the quality of both training and human resources in the present context.
 It can be said that the Online Training Workshop on USAGES OF SURVEY DATA ON GRADUATES IN SUPPORT OF REFORMING ADMINISTRATION AND IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF HIGHER EDUCATION” was a great success. All the contents discussed and conclusions reached at the workshop will serve as a basis for the Project Directorate, member universities and partners to continue their follow-up activities to operationalize successfully the overall goal and component objectives of the project, i.e. assisting the Vietnamese higher education system in solving and surmounting new challenges posed on readjusting graduate-monitoring policies and creating connections between universities, graduates and enterprises on which basis to enhance the quality of higher education and training and modern university administration.
the Vietnam National University of Agriculture
National University of Arts Education
Ha Long University
Academy of Journalism and Communication
Hanoi Tourism College
Academy of Journalism and Communication
Mr. Pablo Onate, Representative of Spain's National Quality Assessment and Accreditation Agency ANECA attends the workshop
Dorel Manitiu, Project Coordinator, Representative of AlmaLaurea University Association (Italy) attends the workshop
Delegates from domestic schools and international partners exchange and discuss via Zoom online software

Author: translater: Kim Ngon

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