Ha Noi University Of Home Affairs solemnly held the diploma awarding ceremony to the 2017-2019 cohort masters and the opening ceremony to the 2020 - 2022 cohort postgraduates

Thursday - 05/11/2020 05:24
On the afternoon of October 16, 2020, the opening ceremony to 108 2020-2022 cohort new postgraduates majored in Public Management, Archival science, Public Policy, and Constitutional and Administrative Law and the awarding ceremony to the 2017-2019 cohort masters majored in Archival science was solemnly held at the Information Library Centre. Assoc. PhD. Trieu Van Cuong, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, attended and delivered a speech at the ceremony
Attending the ceremony were Assoc. PhD Nguyen Ba Chien - the Rector, Assoc. PhD Tran Dinh Thao - Chairman of Board of Trustees, Assoc. PhD Nguyen Quoc Suu - Vice Rector, along with the Heads and vice heads of attached units, lecturers, new masters and new postgraduates.
Assoc. PhD. Trieu Van Cuong was giving a speech at the ceremony
Speaking at the ceremony, Assoc.Prof.PhD. Cuong highly appreciated the teaching and learning spirits of the lecturers and masters, and postgraduate training program, specifically the Faculty of Archival science which has pioneered in the field of postgraduate training. He joyfully sent his warm congratulations to the ones who successfully completed the master course so as to be honored to receive their diplomas. He emphasized, “Hanoi University of Home Affairs has equipped the trainees with thorough knowledge, advanced application-oriented scientific research methods through the well-established training programs, helping them gain more skills and knowledge in order to work better and have more success in their future career and lives ”.
The Rector Chien was delivering a speech
Assoc.Prof.PhD Chien emphasized:“This is the first master training course in which the university has summoned up tremendous enthusiasm in its training activities to meet the requirements of academic knowledge and practical skills, helping postgraduates step by step change their awareness and approaches to solving the problems arose in their professional work. The results of the training course have helped the University to obtain certain achievements to consolidate, continue innovating and complete its training programs, improving the quality of faculty and ensuring conditions towards having the standard application-oriented master's training program in the field of Archives in particular and other disciplines in general, affirming the brand with the units using labor and the society ”.
“It has been doing its best to create the most favorable conditions for them in the learning and research process. With an application-oriented training strategy, the University aims to train skilled masters to become experts in the professional field. To that end, we have built the training program as well as the outlines of each module in accordance with the training strategy. We send instructors with specialized knowledge to realize the training plan. We will also invite highly experienced managers, remarkably skilled professionals to participate in the training process with an aim to ensure they are equipped not only with theoretical knowledge but also practical one. The facilities and libraries are well prepared to serve postgraduate training activities ”- Assoc.Prof.PhD Chien emphasized.
The new master was giving the flowers to congratulate the lecturers
Identifying the importance of postgraduate training to the sustainable development of the University is one of the key factors helping it to establish brand name, affirm its position and improve its competitiveness. Hanoi University of Home Affairs has made a comprehensive investment of resources to step by step improve the quality of postgraduate training in specialties. Its postgraduate training activities always receive the attention and close direction from the leaders of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the University Board of Directors as well as the close coordination of the Departments and Faculties in the university.
Assoc.Prof.PhD. Cuong and Assoc.Prof. PhD. Chien warmly congratulate the new masters
In addition, the majority of postgraduate students in general and those majored in course -1 Archives sciences in particular also have a sense of self-discipline in studying and scientific research activities,  progressive attitude and active coordination with their faculties along with  regular and timely guidance and support of the Postgraduate Training Management Department in the training process.
In the development strategy, Hanoi University of Home Affairs has the goal of expanding the scale and controlling the training quality in order to meet the increasing demands of the society for the quality of human resources. Up to now, many generations of graduates trained by the university have been warmly welcomed by society. In order to confirm its steady progress in training activities as well as its continuous growth, in June 2017, it enrolled the first Archive-specialized postgraduate course. The first batch of enrollment was taken place with only 01 training course and 23 admitted postgraduate students. Today, the university awarded the first master's degrees and welcomed 108 postgraduate students with 04 disciplines. This number is a testament to its growth and correct direction. This achievement is thanks to the support, facilitation and close direction of the leaders of the Ministry of Home Affairs, specially Deputy Minister Trieu Van Cuong, who always accompanies, orients and follows every step in the development of the university as well as the non-stop efforts of all of its officials.
The souvenir photo between the collective of officials, employees and lecturers and the new postgraduates was being taken
The university has been paying much attention and creating the most favorable conditions for the training process with the hope that all postgraduate students will actively study, do research, and constantly update the knowledge, skills in order to complete the academic program according to the definite plans. In addition, they can apply knowledge learned into their real work contributing to improve their quality of life in particular and the development of the whole society in general.  
A photo of the leaders, lecturers and new postgraduates was being taken at the opening ceremony.
Also in the afternoon of October 16, Hanoi University of Home Affairs held a solemn opening ceremony and welcomed 108 matriculated postgraduates majored in   the third Archives sciences course(2020-2022); the second Public policy course (2020-2022); the third Public Management course (2020-2022) and the first Constitutional and administrative law course (2020-2022). In addition, Hanoi University of Home Affairs attaches great importance to creating favorable conditions for the training process with the expectation that all these new matriculated postgraduates will have highest determination, actively study, do scientific research and update new knowledge in order to complete the master's program after 2 years and apply their knowledge acquired into their real work contributing to improve the effectiveness of teaching and training in the university./.

Author: Translate: Ta Thi Kim Ngon

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