Hanoi University of Home Affairs held a training workshop on the project "Monitoring trends in Vietnamese employment"

Sunday - 27/03/2022 09:35
On the afternoon of March 15, 2022, a training workshop named "Research on building a national job portal for Vietnamese graduates" within the framework of the project "Monitoring trends in Vietnamese employment" – MOTIVE funded by the European Commission was officially opened at the Campus of HaNoi University of Home Affairs in Quang Nam province
The online and live workshop was held at the Campus of Hanoi University of Home Affairs in Quang Nam to connect with individuals, organizations, the member universities under the project and European partners.
The workshop takes place effectively and attracts the interest of many universities
Present at the workshop on the side of the Ministry of Education and Training were Doan Hong Ha, Deputy Director of the Department of Political Education and Student Affairs, and experts directly in charge of project implementation tasks. On the side of the Ministry of Home Affairs were Nguyen Thi Kim Thao, Senior Specialist of the Department of International Cooperation.
On the side of the Directorate of the European MOTIVE Project were Dorel Manitiu, Project Coordinator; Rupert Beinhauer, University of F.H. Joanneum, Republic of Austria; Marina Camacho, from the International Organization for Consulting and Exchange (INCOMA), Republic of Spain. Attending the training workshop were representatives of leaders of MOTIVE project member universities: Hanoi University, Academy of Journalism and Propaganda, Thai Nguyen University, Central University of Art Education, Institute of Post and Telecommunications Technology, Ha Long University, Hanoi Tourism College; Agencies and organizations are partners under the MOTIVE project, representatives as guests from universities across the country.
On the side of Hanoi University of Home Affairs were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ba Chien, Secretary of the University’s Party Committee and Rector; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Dinh Thao, Chairman of the University Council; Dr. Le Thanh Huyen and Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Quoc Suu, Vice Rectors of the University; project members, functional sub-committees under the University's  the Directorate of MOTIVE Project; leaders of units under the university and Quang Nam Campus.
The MOTIVE project funded by the EU Eramus+ for the period 2020 - 2022 was hosted by AlmaLaurea under the umbrella of Bologna, Italia. This transnational cooperation project aimed to transfer the ability from development organizations and European universities to Vietnamese universities
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Ba Chien speaks in the opening session of the workshop.
Speaking in the opening session, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Ba Chien expressed his joy and honor as a member who organized the Training Workshop on MOTIVE Project titled: "Research and build a National Job Portal for Vietnamese graduates". The project is a very practical model which facilitated surveys and understood the students’ employment. In 2020, Hanoi University of Home Affairs honorably became one of the official members of the Project. The Directorate  of the University actively established the Steering Committee of MOTIVE Project, made detailed plans and roadmaps, deployed and assigned tasks to each sub-committee with functional units under the University to optimize resources in order to achieve two main goals of the Project: First, support and improve the possibilities of the employment of students from Hanoi university of Home Affairs and other member universities after their graduation. Second, coordinate Member Universities of the project to propose to state management agencies to build a National Job Portal for graduates in Vietnam.
Hanoi University of Home Affairs attended seminars within the framework of the MOTIVE Project organized by member universities, and gained practical information, which contributed to completing the project’s common goal and bringing positive values ​​to the Vietnamese education system. Today, as the Organizing Committee of the MOTIVE Project Training Workshop, Hanoi University of Home Affairs would like to thank the Department of Political Education and Student Affairs, Ministry of Education and Training, the European MOTIVE Project Management Board, AlmaLaurea under the umbrella of Bologna, Italia, Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Hanoi City, the partner universities and the project's member units have attended the training Workshop at the Campus of the university in Quang Nam - Da Nang.
Dorel Manitiu, Project Coordinator speaks at the Workshop.
At the Workshop, Mr. Dorel Manitiu - Project Coordinator announced the results of the scientific article writing contest for students in the universities titled “finding out about real job opportunities”.
The representative of the Ministry of Education and Training also sent greetings and congratulations to the workshop, and would like the MOTIVE Project to establish a basis to connect data employment needs of graduates and universities and human resource-using units so as to upgrade the quality of training and both the human resources in the present context.
Doan Hong Ha- Deputy Director of the Department of Political Education and Student Affairs under the Ministry of Education and Training speaks at the Workshop
Speaking at the seminar, Mr. Doan Hoang Ha - Deputy Director of Political Education Department and Student Affairs under the Ministry of Education and Training shared: "Training requires more and more substance. A good training institution must have good outputs. Therefore, students must meet the needs of society and employers. The survey of student employment after their graduation is very important for training institutions because their enrollment targets base on these survey datas which will reflect the training quality of the training institution and attract being enrolled in universities by high education students; As a basis for businesses to order training according to their needs; And for the state to assign tasks. The deployment of the MOTIVE Project has strongly facilitated correct career orientation for students, as well as for training institutions in Vietnam to have the right training methods and career guidance for them".
Workshop received presentations from representatives of member universities and participants, of which included: planning to build a national job portal for graduates in Vietnam; Paying attention to students who have not had a job, especially students in the first 5 years after graduation; Connecting activities with alumni and universities, creating relationships to connect sustainable job…
Representatives of agencies, member units of the MOTIVE project and invited delegates speak and share experiences in the Quang Nam Campus of Hanoi university of Home Affairs
The representative of the Academy of Journalism and Communication (AJC) reported on the results of the project's Communication Manual creation to the members. In addition, the representative of the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT) and the representative of Hanoi University (HANU) shared experiences on data cleaning methods which served the development of the survey result reports. Also in the opening session, the members heard the first report on data analysis results from the Vietnam National Academy of Agriculture (VNUA).
Representatives of participating universities and colleges spoke to contribute ideas to develop the project, shared experiences, etc. for learners to get jobs after their graduation.
All the contents discussed and conclusions reached at the workshop on the Project "Monitoring trends in Vietnamese employment" will serve as a basis for the Project Directorate, member universities and partners to continue their follow-up activities to operationalize successfully the overall goal and component objectives of the project, i.e. assisting the Vietnamese higher education system./.



Author: Trans: Ta Thi Kim Ngon

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